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Harness Board

Our harness boards are custom designed for error-free assembly and testing of harnesses.  Each harness board is custom designed to match your specific harnesses or cables and your production processes.  The mylar coated work surface shows full-scale cable routing information and all harness termination points.  All harness electrical points are connected through back-wiring to interface connectors mounted on the harness board, which you can then connect through interface cables to the Cablescan tester and build aid. 
The harness board fixture includes an extruded aluminum frame, a 3/4-inch plywood top with a reverse-printed mylar work surface, and  3/8-inch plywood backing for protection of the fixture back-wiring. 
Harness Board Quotation
To request a quotation for a custom-designed harness board, supply the following information:
  1. Set of wire harness drawings
  2. List of connectors on harness
  3. Number of pins in each harness connector
  4. Number of loose leads, such as ring terminals and unterminated wires
  5. Dimensions of wire harness
  6. Highest test voltage that will be used through the harness board

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