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Universal Interface System
  • Lower fixturing investment
  • Fast hookup/disconnect
  • Ready changeover between harnesses
  • Cost effective in low-volume applications
  • Adaptable to any harness configuration
  • Fixturing investment spread over numerous harness types
  • Reusable Adapter Cables

The Cablescan Universal Interface System is the low-cost fixturing solution to your wire harness build and test applications. The system eliminates expensive fixed tooling by use of simple interchangeable Adapter Cables and a continuous connector interface that connects with any Cablescan tester. You can quickly set up new fixturing requirements by leaving the Interface Module connected, and changing only the Adapter Cables.

The Cablescan Universal Interface System utilizes modular techniques to reduce the cost of interfacing harness fixtures with Cablescan testers and build aids. The major element of the system is the Interface Module. It is accompanied by custom-made Adapter Cables and connector Mounting Brackets. Adapter Cables connect your wire harness to the Universal Interface Module. The Mounting Brackets provide support for the harness connectors of the Adapter Cables. Reconfiguration for different harnesses is achieved simply by changing Adapter Cables.

The Interface Module connects to your Cablescan test system through 64-conductor flat cables. It provides a permanent interface with your Cablescan tester and a changeable interface to Adapter Cables. It uses socketed spring probes for connecting up to 512 test points. The spring probes provide durable and reliable connections and quick test setups. They are easily replaced from the front without disassembling should they become damaged or worn. A continuous connector design allows end stacking of various-size adapter connectors along the length of the interface Module without wasting test points. Additional Interface modules may be used for accommodating more than 512 test points.

An Adapter Cable is made for each connector on your harness. One end of the cable has a mating connector that interfaces to your harness connector and the other end has a Cablescan Universal Connector that mates with the Interface Module. Adapter Cables can be reused on other harnesses using the same connectors. As you develop new Adapter Cables according to new harness requirements, you will be building an inventory of reusable Adapter Cables. You may fabricate your own Adapter Cables using Connector Kits, or we can supply them to your specifications.

Mounting Brackets attach to Adapter Cable mounting plates and secure each mating connector to a work surface such as a form board. The brackets remain on the work surface to maintain mechanical position when the Adapter Cables are disconnected.  The Adapter Cables can later be returned quickly and accurately. The brackets can be positioned to provide mounting angles of 60, 90, and 180 degrees.

If you prefer to make your own Adapter Cables, you may order Cablescan Connector Kits. They are available in nine sizes: 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, and 60 pins. For harness connectors over 60 pins, multiple kits are used. Connector-pin solder cups accept interface wiring up to 22 gauge.

Loose-lead Adapters are used to connect non-connectorized leads. Each adapter has two rows of 8-32 threaded standoffs to accommodate test clips such as EZ Hooks and Daisy clips. Test clips are sold separately. The adapter-mounting base can be secured to a form board or work surface. Adapters are available in either 10 or 22 pins.

The Universal Interface System replaces breakout boxes, connector panels, and dedicated interface cabling. Cost savings are realized in both fixturing and test equipment. Turn-around and down times for adding new connectors and harnesses to production are greatly reduced.

BREAKOUT BOXES having rows of one-size connectors results in unused test points in interface cables when connecting to various-size connectors in the wire harness. The continuous connector design in the Universal Interface Module reduces the number of test points required by the tester because of the minimized number of wasted test points.

CONNECTOR PANELS have a mating connector for each connector on the wire harness. As new harness assemblies are designed, using new connectors, new mating connectors must be added to the panel. With the Universal Interface System, a new Adapter Cable can be added without incurring fixturing down time, as would be required for connector panel rework.

DEDICATED INTERFACE CABLING. The Universal Interface System replaces complex dedicated interface cabling with discrete Adapter Cables, one for each harness connector. Tooling cost can be spread over larger production quantities when interfacing to several harnesses that use many of the same connectors.


FORM BOARDS. Using Adapter Cables and Mounting Brackets, the Universal Interface System quickly and inexpensively converts existing form boards to build and test fixtures. The converted form board then takes the place of a back-wired harness board. When harness production on the form board is complete, the Adapter Cables are disconnected for use with subsequent harnesses.

PLUG WIRING. The Universal Interface System can be easily implemented in existing production procedures, even if connectors are not terminated to the harness until removed from the form board. Adapter Cables are mated to harness connectors just prior to termination. A Cablescan build aid is then used to direct the operation and verify continuity.

PROTOTYPES. The Universal Interface System is ideal for prototypes and low-volume work, since all that is changed for new interfacing is the set of Adapter Cables. As new Adapter Cables are added for new connectors, an inventory of reusable adapters is being created. Test interfacing to prototype work and customer specials thereby becomes quick and inexpensive.

CARD CAGE/RACK & PANEL. The Universal Interface System enables you to interface card cage connectors to a Cablescan build aid to direct the wiring operation. After the wiring is complete, it is tested for continuity before installing your electronic equipment.


64-pin, .100 x .100 dual row pin header.

Eight for 512-Point Module
Four for 256-Point Module

Spacing: 3 row, spaced .156 x .156 inches

2.75 in. x 28.5 in. x 3.5 in.
(7.0 cm x 72.5cm x 8.9 cm)

17 lbs. (37.5 kg)


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